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  • At Ovation Immigration and Recruitment Services, we are regulated Immigration Consultants with competent knowledge of Canadian Immigration Law. We believe in representing each client ethically, and professionally before the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
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Canada is recognized worldwide for its excellent quality of education, among other aspects. Get your letter of acceptance in PGWP Eligible college/university anywhere in Canada or Change Your DLI

We have a comprehensive list of services for students who are planning to come to Canada or are already in Canada for higher education. Apply for a study visa and get your study permit.

Canada welcomes more than 300,000 foreign workers every year. There are 2 types of work permits: Employer-specific work permit (closed work permit) & open work permit.

A visitor visa can either be for single entry or multiple entry use. Single entry visas may be issued for up to six months.

Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents intending to obtain temporary residence to visit their close…

Canada aims to promote economic development through their business immigration streams. Investors…

Express Entry is the most popular immigration system offering Canadian permanent residence, introduced by the federal government in January 2015.

If your business is facing a labour shortage, and you are unable to find Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents to…

The PNP program is for workers who can contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory. They must have…

CIC is the federal department responsible for managing Canada’s immigration program for both existing and potential applicants.

Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) will then decide if your refugee claim will be referred to the Immigration and Refugee…

There are many reasons for refusal, depending on the type of visa. Common reasons for…

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We are committed to helping our clients succeed. We are regularly updating our knowledge with Canadian Immigration Laws and Regulations to provide our clients with competent services.

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Immigration Canada FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

International graduates who apply for a PGWP before the expiry of their study permit are able to begin legally working in Canada as soon as they apply their PGWP. These candidates do not need to hold a Canadian work permit while they await a decision on their application for a PGWP. If your student permit has expired, you may be eligible to restore your status and apply, provided you have only been out of status for less than 90 days.

You might be qualified to work in Canada while studying assuming your study permit incorporates a condition that says you can work on or off-campus. You should likewise meet the wide range of various prerequisites. You can begin working in Canada when you start yourprogram. You can’t work before your education start.

You can work:

  • Off-Campus
  • As a co-op student or intern
  • After your graduation

Yes. In any case, your study permit isn’t a travel permit. It doesn’t give you the option to venture out to or enter Canada. Alongside your study permit, you might require:

  • a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) or
  • an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Depending upon where you’re from, you may just need your identification. Ensure you realize which record you want to head out to and enter Canada.

Having the travel documents doesn’t ensure you’ll be permitted once more into Canada. You actually should show the boundary administrations official that you meet every one of the prerequisites before we’ll let you reappear.

You don’t have to change your study permit in the event that you’re changing your study program. But you need to tell CIC that you have changed the college by updating the DLI.

To extend the permit, the international student must submit an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to extend their stay in Canada as a student. The Canadian government requires that most temporary residence applications made from within Canada be made through electronic application, including:

  • All applications for extensions of temporary resident status made from within Canada
  • All applications for extensions of temporary resident status made from within Canada
  • All applications for renewals of study or work permits made from within Canada


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