Most Preferred Study Programs of International Students in Canada

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One of the most picturesque nations globally, Canada is ranked highly by the United Nations for the quality of education and life it offers its residents. It is not a wonder then that many international students seek higher education opportunities in Canada.

Some of the top reasons why Canada is a preferred education destination is because it

  • Offers internationally recognized certificates and degrees
  • High-quality tutors and instructors
  • Affordable fees
  • Impressive post-education job opportunities
  • An easy path to gaining a Permanent Residency

Top Study Programs in Canada Preferred by Students

Canadian institutes across the country – in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa – have a large and vibrantly diverse student population. Among the many degrees and certificates offered by these institutions, the following are the most preferred programs.

1. Finance and Business

Study Finance In Canada

Business and finance courses, at both graduate and postgraduate levels, are believed to be all-time favourites of international students. One of the main reasons is that finance can be combined with many other subjects such as economics, risk management, and banking. These courses offer students a wide range of job opportunities, such as asset management, investment banking, and insurance.

2. Engineering

Study Engineering In Canada

Engineering is also a highly popular graduation and post-graduate program among international students. Besides, according to the latest statistics, engineering courses are projected to top this list by 2025. What makes engineering a top contender is that the Canadian syllabus prioritizes research and project-based learning. Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering are the most popular choices.

3. Computer Science and Information Technology

Competent IT and computer science professionals are highly sought-after the world over. Software engineers and IT project managers are highly in-demand job positions in Canada. Statistical machine learning and data science are the latest popular information technology courses offered to students. 

4. Medicine

Study Medicine In Canada

The health and medicine fields are also gaining popularity among international students. It has been noted that international students have shown the most interest in nursing and dental courses. Besides, post-graduation degrees or specializations in biotechnology, clinical pharmacy, and pharmaceutical chemistry are becoming hugely popular choices.

Students have access to a well-equipped laboratory, pharmacological labs, a cell culture facility, and competent faculty. After course completion, students can enjoy fulfilling careers in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, research, and general medicine. 

5. Human Resource Management

Study HR In Canada

Thanks to its thriving labour force, Canada supports an equal opportunity inclusion market. Human Resource Management courses are gaining popularity because of the number of opportunities available to students earning HR degrees. Almost all organizations require HRM professionals, and graduates of these programs can gain employment as human resource managers, trainers, development officers, or recruitment officers.

Wrapping Up

These were some highly preferred study programs for international students pursuing their higher education in Canada. International students wishing to pursue higher studies in Canada need to go through a specific and thorough process. It is essential to look into the eligibility criteria before seeking applications for any program of choice, as each institute has a set of specific rules. Ovation Immigration Services has tie-ups with institutes in all parts of Canada. We also have the expertise of helping students choose the right program best suitable to their profile. If you are looking to pursue post-secondary studies in Canada, we can help. Please contact us by email at or by phone at +1 (778) 929-3447.

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